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Bursary aids studies

Westside News, August 10, 2011 Jumping into a non-traditional industry has helped young go-getter Courtney Kelly receive a $1000 bursary award from NCWQ. Download Bursary aids studies as a PDF. Advertisements

Heads Up

Semper Floreat, O-Week Edition, 2011 It’s a giant leap from high school to university, so I’m here to give a few pieces of advice to get through unscathed. Download Heads Up as a PDF. You can also find this story at http://www.uqu.com.au/filelib/semper_emag/2011SemperIssue1.pdf

Gen Y is open to switching careers

City News, February 11, 2010 Generation Y percieved by many as ‘Generation Slackers’ should in fact be called ‘Generation Look-to-the-future’. Studies increasingly show the forward planning of today’s youth.   Download Gen Y is open to switching careers as a PDF.

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