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Media affecting Indigenous health by perpetuating ‘racist’ images

Racism and mental health are linked, we know that, but what’s become apparent from talking to delegates at the International Network of Indigenous Knowledge Health and Development at UQ, is that the media itself is reinforcing negative perceptions of Indigenous people. Professor Dennis McDermott from Flinders University in Adelaide, says racism has been shown to … Continue reading

Australian health system not designed for Indigenous people

The Australian hospital system, which was based on a British model, is not fully catering to the needs of the Indigenous community. Professor Dennis McDermott from Flinders University in Adelaide says a recent study in Adelaide, called ‘Our own backyard’, found that two thirds of Aboriginal people experienced institutional racism, and two thirds of those … Continue reading

Domestic abuse linked to continued oppression

Violence, especially towards women and children in Indigenous families, continues to be a significant issue and is being addressed at the International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development at The University of Queensland. Dr Erana Cooper, from the University of Auckland, says that Aotearoa/New Zealand’s violent history plays a significant role in the prevalence … Continue reading

A focus on wellness for Indigenous women

Being an Indigenous woman equates to shorter life expectancy, a greater risk of health problems and lower levels of social and emotional well being, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This well-known fact is being addressed this week at the International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development, at The University of Queensland. Melissa … Continue reading

Reconciliation campaign aims to take back identity

The eviction of the Aboriginal tent embassy from Brisbane’s Musgrave Park last week brought into focus tensions between protesters and the authorities. Dr. Winnifred Louis, social psychology professor at the University of Queensland, says prejudice, racism and hate are still issues in the city. “Brisbane is more welcoming of minorities and more favourable to Indigenous Australians … Continue reading

Eurovision 2012 Finals Round-up

Just like that another year of Eurovision is over (lol jokes, I taped it). The favourite, Sweden’s Loreen, won with Euphoria on 372 points, while I was left incredibly confused as to how/why Norway’s Tooji ended up at the bottom with a mere 7 points for Stay. The adorable baking Russian grannies, Buranovskiye Babushki came … Continue reading

Mimes pressuring government’s foreign aid commitment

Vision Generation will be making themselves seen but not heard across Australia’s capital cities in a mime flashmob on May 26 aimed at raising awareness of preventable deaths in third world countries. The youth movement connected to World Vision, hopes to pressure the government to honour their foreign aid commitment of 0.5% Gross National Income … Continue reading

Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday World Tour

Real life barbie doll, Queen of Rap and Pop Princess Nicki Minaj brought the house down in Brisbane on May 19 as part of her Pink Friday World Tour. It was dynamic, fun, colourful and she had super cute costumes! She mainly played songs off Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, so unfortunately no throwbacks to her mixtape days. But still … Continue reading

NICKI MINAJ: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Universal Music/Cash Money)

Divide and conquer is the game Nicki Minaj plays on her second album, splitting her time between brilliant hip hop and generic dance-pop while she (or perhaps it’s Roman) remains hell bent on complete world domination. In her own words, “Yo! I guess I went commercial”, a move that has alienated some of her original … Continue reading

Lady Elliot Island: The Secluded Paradise

There I was snorkelling in the brilliant blue water when I saw the green sea turtle: slow and dull on land but in the water cruising along beside me, the sun’s rays danced off its shell and made it sparkle. Lady Elliot is the closest thing to a deserted island on the Great Barrier Reef, … Continue reading

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