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Belles Sing, Cash Tils Ring

Courier Mail, December 15, 2011

IT’S that time of year again when the big music labels push out Christmas albums in a bid to cash in on the holiday season.

Every year a new artist tops the December charts with their Christmas album and this year the honours go to both Michael Buble with Christmas (the current No.1) and Justin Bieber with Under the Mistletoe (former No.1, now No.3).

Bieber’s legion of teeny bopper fans are ready to lap up anything the teen sensation produces, so releasing a Christmas album before Christmas is a wise move by the big industry bosses. It’s also a no-brainer. Bieber recently explained on American TV show The View that there’s too many of the same old songs out there and he’s here to save the day.

“There’s so many Christmas songs everyone hears every year which is great but also you guys need some new Christmas music,” Bieber said.

We always need new songs to sing at Christmas, right?

Here’s are a few more artists who have embraced the red and green and released jolly Christmas albums.


1. Merry Christmas (1994) by Mariah Carey

Pop diva Carey (pictured) gave us one of the most popular modern Christmas tunes All I want for Christmas is You on her debut holiday themed album. Last year she brought out Merry Christmas II You where she hits those unimaginably high notes once again.

2. Elvis’s Christmas Album (1957) by Elvis Presley

Rock around the Christmas tree with The Kings album. Released in the heyday of rock ‘n’ roll this was a real hit.

3. The Christmas Album (2010) by Glee Cast

Because life is a musical on Glee and no Christmas would be complete without lots of Christmas songs, this album was inevitable. “Gleeks” will rejoice with news they just released Volume 2.

4. 8 Days of Christmas (2001) by Destiny’s Child

While R&B super group Destiny’s Child was still together and Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland hadn’t gone their separate ways, (I wonder what happened to Michelle Williams) they released this Christmassy album.

5. Home for Christmas (1980) by Dolly Parton

When the holidays began and those who were working nine to five went on holidays and went home for Christmas they listened to this album.

6. Christmas Album (1970) by Jackson 5

Seeing as Michael Jackson was still a child this album had all the great Christmas kid songs such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town. The Jackson 5 era ended with this album and Michael began his successful solo career.

7. A Kylie Christmas (2010) by Kylie Minogue

Our Kylie has also released a Christmas album but there’s no Aussie Christmas songs here just the classics.

8. Rejoyce (2004) by Jessica Simpson

A trip down memory lane to days when Newlyweds with Jessica and Nick Lachey was one of the few reality shows on TV. Jessica and Nick do a duet on Baby, it’s cold outside. She followed up this album in 2010 with Happy Christmas.

9. Christmas Songs (1948) by Frank Sinatra

Crooning legend Sinatra re-works the ol’ Christmas songs with his unique voice and style.

10. Santa Claus Lane (2002) by Hilary Duff

Child star Hilary Duff broke into the music business with her debut Christmas album.

It’s only a matter of time before fellow child stars Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez release their own Christmas albums.

Download Belles Sing, Cash Tils Ring as a PDF.

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