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NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Killer Love (Interscope)

Killer Love by Nicole ScherzingerThe only real talent in the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, has finally released her long awaited debut solo album Killer Love. It is a rather inconsistent sounding album in term of musical styles, but her strong voice pulls it all together rather nicely. There’s a little something for every pop lover in here, from more uptempo dance tracks to ballads.

‘Right There’ may currently be a radio hit, but the ‘Rude Boy’-soundalike is not one of the album’s strongest. ‘Killer Love’ and ‘Poison’ showcase Scherzinger’s fiery personality vocally and lyrically, as she sings ‘Got venom dripping from my lips/Know who you’re ‘bout to kiss/Think you can handle it/Boy, it’s on’.

‘Casualty’ and ‘Amenjena’ show off her powerful and emotionally intense voice against some simple piano arrangements. ‘Club Banger Nation’, another great track, starts off slow but then picks up the pace into a beats and synth frenzy. The collaboration with Sting in ‘Powers Out’ turns out surprisingly well; it’s a rather sweet song.

However, the album’s arrangement could have been more thought through, with the uptempo tracks in the first half and the ballads in the second half making it feel like the album loses momentum halfway through.

Regardless, Killer Love will surely cement Scherzinger as a credible artist in her own right.


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