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MZAZA: Journey Over Skin (Planet Distribution)

Journey Over Skin by MzazaMzaza is the musical holiday you need to get away from today’s mainstream (including ‘indie’) music. Journey Over Skin, the Brisbane band’s new album, takes you on a delightful musical journey that starts in Spain before trekking through France, dancing through the Balkans and partying in Turkey.

Mzaza successfully weave together various melodies from across the globe. ‘Le Temps Qui Passe’ blends traditional Bulgarian and Macedonian melodies with French lyrics. While you may have to Google translate the lyrics, you’ll find that they cover universal themes of heartbreak and disconnection. ‘Le Fleurs Qui Fanent’ is about feeling disconnected with the world and forgetting the important things in life. ‘La Tarara’, with its ominous tones, is a slow and disappointing start to the eight-track album but it quickly picks up the pace from there and ends on a high with the sweet little song ‘Mon Amant De Saint Jean’.

Lead singer Pauline Maudy has a beautiful, strong voice that blends well with the intriguing melodies and especially shines through in ‘La Ou Tu Vis’. But Maudy is really just the icing to a good cake or the syrup to a good Baklava.

The great melodies and rhythms are created using a variety of instruments that include the Kamanche (Persian spikefiddle), accordion, Ney (Turkish cane flute), Kaval (Balkan end-blown flute), Darabuka (Turkish drum) and the Cajon (Spanish box drum).

Mzaza is actually slang for ‘crazy’ in Morrocan Arabic slang and their name is as eccentric as their sound, which you’re sure to enjoy.


This article is also available on Junior at http://www.junioronline.com.au/MUSIC/MZAZA-REVIEW.html



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