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DEV: The Night the Sun Came Up (Universal Republic)

The Night the Sun Came Up by DevIt’s time to open your presents at your McDonald’s birthday party. You look at that rectangular-shaped present and you know it’s going to be awesome. I mean, you practically pointed out the Vet Barbie to anyone who would listen. But when you open it, it’s that Teresa character. What a let down.

That’s how I felt about Dev’s debut album The Night The Sun Came Up. The smash hit ‘Like a G6’, with its cool beat and infectious hook (supplied by Dev), was the kind of music I expected here.

And sure, ‘In The Dark’ features a saxophone mixed with Euro beats and ‘Bass Down Low’ has your high pitched robotic synths. Both are addictive tracks that are already pumping in the club and out of car subwoofers. But they are the only good songs on the 14 track album.

Even the producers must have agreed, because both songs appear twice on the album as remixes. Songs like ‘Getaway’ and ‘Perfect Match’ are more Taylor Swift-sounding than club banging electro dance, so that was weird. Dev has no real vocal ability so she relies heavily on the auto-tune and ends up sounding emotionless.

She sings ‘I like my beats fast and my bass down low’, but her synthy beats are in fact rather slow, which is disappointing for what I thought was going to be an electronic dance album.


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