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JUSTIN BIEBER: My World Tour (Brisbane)

Justin Bieber - My World Tour - BrisbaneThousands of excited children, dressed up teeny boppers, over enthusiastic mothers and not so enthusiastic fathers can only mean one thing… a Justin Bieber concert.

The teen sensation brought his My World Tour to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Tuesday April 26) and performed to an energised crowd and their deafening screams (my ear drums will never be the same again).

The crowd was going wild before he was even on stage and roadies were setting up. So when he came on for his opening song ‘Love Me’, they went insane and kept it up till the ‘Baby’ encore.

It was one big sing-a-long, with the crowd singing all the words to his uptempo hits like ‘One Time’ and ‘Somebody To Love’ and the more ballady ‘Never Let You Go’ and ‘Smile’.  During ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ he serenaded a lucky chosen girl on stage, and I can only imagine the jealousy of the teen girls in the crowd.

Justin Bieber - My World Tour - BrisbaneI thought it would be a great show with amazing choreography albeit with lip-syncing. However, I did not expect Bieber to actually be one very talented kid when performing live.  Not only did he demonstrate his dancing abilities and stage presence, he also showcased his musical talents playing three instruments, the guitar, piano and drums. To top it off, there was no lip-syncing and he really does have a great voice outside the recording studio, singing every song beautifully and pitch perfect.

Usher’s influence on his protégé was evident throughout the show, even with things like choreography and costumes.

Bieber was ‘pinch-his-cheeks’ adorable on stage and really down to earth, not cocky or arrogant as is notable in a lot of performing musicians. He played home videos from his childhood and you really get the sense that he was born to perform, even telling his mum as toddler that he wanted to be on TV.
Bieber is more than just an overnight YouTube sensation with a cute face, trademark haircut and legions of teen girl followers, he has talent to back up his meteoric rise to fame. I’m sure the concert was inspirational to the young audience.

If you were not a serious ‘Belieber’ at the start, by the end of the concert you were like the other hardcore ‘Beliebers’, that is beyond help, infected by a very bad case of Bieber Fever.

This article is also available at http://www.junioronline.com.au/MUSIC/JUSTIN-BIEBER-REVIEW.html

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