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JESSIE J: Who You Are (Universal Republic Records)

Who You Are by Jessie JIf it weren’t for the random English accent coming through in some songs, you would be forgiven for thinking Jessie J was some ghetto chick from the US. Lyrics like “this is mummy in the ghetto/gotta work a double/just to pay the bills and get by” and the “J-J-J-J-Jessie J” name drop cement this false assumption.

Listening to her debut album Who You Are begs the question – exactly who are you, Jessie J? This album is a jumble of songs that could easily be sung by other artists. There’s the Katy Perry sounding ‘Abracadabra’; the Nicki Minaj-like ‘Do It Like A Dude’; ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ sounds like Beyonce’s ‘Halo’; ‘Casualty Love’ is a little Mariah Carey; ‘Mama Knows Best’ is so Christina Aguilera; and some of the others could be Ciara or Rihanna.

That said, the album is mainstream radio heaven with virtually every song ready for the airwaves.  The upbeat ‘Price Tag’ featuring B.o.B has already been well received.  Other standout tracks are ‘Rainbow’, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ and ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, which boasts the cheeky line, “Oh Jessie I saw you on YouTube/I tagged us in photos from when we was at school”.

The album, although fairly unoriginal, is well rounded, fun and showcases Jessie J’s excellent vocal abilities. Even though it will be forgotten in a couple years time, no reason to not enjoy it now.


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