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Summafieldayze 2011: N*E*R*D, Tinie Tempah, Armand Van Helden

Getting to the front of the stage at a festival is not easy but there I was in the front row of Summafieldayze on the Gold Coast (Jan 2), about to see my all time favourite band perform…. N*E*R*D!

These genre mashing, innovative, musical geniuses made up of, Pharrell Williams, Shae Hayley and Chad Hugo,  played all their big hits from the past decade, like Rock StarSpaz and Everyone Nose as well as their songs from their new album Nothing, like Hypnotize You and Hot n Fun. The hour long set went by way too quickly as I realised why I love these guys so much. Their music has no rules as they cross boundaries and explore different sounds and emotions. Really, though at the end of the day, they just make good music, that I can jump up and down and dance to.

Pharrell is an entertainer and he kept that crowd of 1000’s of festival goers pumped from start to finish. Tinie Tempah also rocked the house with his dance hip hop anthems and Armand Van Helden’s electro house got the party started as far as I was concerned. As you can see from the set list, there were a whole heap of fantastic acts to see, but I didn’t get round to them…my priority was after all the front row for N*E*R*D.





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