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Scientists say don’t sweat it, help is at hand with the perfect handshake

A GOOD handshake with a prospective employer could seal the deal.

British Scientists from Manchester University have unveiled a mathematical formula for the ‘perfect handshake’.

PH = ? (e2 + ve2)(d2) + (cg + dr)2 + ?{(4< s > 2)(4 < p > 2)}2 + (vi + t + te)2 + {(42 )(42)}2.

In other words, sweaty palms, limp wrists, gripping too hard and lack of eye contact were contributors to a bad handshake.

Geoffrey Beattie, the university’s head of psychological sciences, took twelve key measures into account that would convey trust and respect.

“The human handshake is one of the most crucial elements of impression formation and is used as a source of information for making a judgment about another person,” Beattie told AFP.

The traditional form of greeting needs to be executed with the right hand and a complete grip, firm squeeze, cool dry palm, three shakes with medium vigour and no longer than three seconds, all accompanied by an appropriate verbal statement.

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