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Burqas officially banned in France

BURQAS are officially banned in France after the French National Assembly passed the bill with only a single vote against it.

If approved by the Senate and Constitutional Council the law would impose  a 150 euro (AUD$216) fine or a lesson in citizenship on any woman wearing the Islamic all-body veil in public.

Men caught forcing a woman to wear it, could face a one year jail sentence  and pay a 30, 000 euro (AUD$43,200) fine.

Although France has the largest Muslim community in Europe, there are believed to only be 2000 women who wear the burqa.

This article is also available on the Courier Mail at http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/world/burqas-officially-banned-in-france/story-e6freoox-1225891505259



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