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Uncooked comedy

Lawson McCain comedian - Raw Comedy Festival entrant courtesy of QuestWHY did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Raw Comedy Festival. The Sit Down Comedy Club at Paddo Tavern is holding the state leg of the nationwide competition for aspiring comedians.

Lawson McCaine, 19, (pictured) is looking forward to his March 3 heat and hopes his five minutes will go down well with the audience. “I feel scared and with a sort of damp feeling in my pants area. But that’s all stage nerves and goes away when I get up there, I’ve been practising by doing open mic at the Sit Down Comedy Club,” McCaine said.

The University of Queensland law student’s first foray into comedy came via the Law Revue, UQ’s annual live comedy stage production, which prompted him to sign up for the Raw Comedy Festival. “Since the finals are televised I saw them last year and thought it would be cool to watch them this year with me in them,” McCaine said.

The Raw Comedy Competition is on until March 31. Phone 3369 4466.

This article appeared in City News Newspaper, February 2010 and at http://quest-news.whereilive.com.au/news/story/uncooked-comedy/



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